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1-73014-82642-0, US Army

Me Today

A little brief introduction: I am in the US Army. I joined the Army to pursue higher education. I plan on getting a doctorate in psychology and I would love to pursue a career in either the Army or in Education. In reality, though, I deeply wish to live in the wild.

My Hobbies & Interests

Meme Tests

Before we address any of my real beliefs, let's address the meme tests (e.g. political compass, mbti, etc.).

Even Memier Tests

My Beliefs (Roughly)

I hate to underscore what I am or any nuance to my beliefs, but here it goes. In the broadest sense, I believe strongly in the forces of nature. Not so much in a religious sense, but definitely in a "natural" sense.

I think we've overstepped our bounds. We ruin the natural environment and isolate ourselves from nature. This makes us depressed and causes a great deal of stress and a myriad of other mental issues for us.

More than just ruining the environment, we have allowed excessively weak people to fluorish. People who have no innate urge to commit to any productive actions other than the most selfish ones at best.

Why should others be forced to hold up society's weakest, or even most malicious, out of their own pockets? I say they shouldn't. I do believe that we should force people to build themselves up or let them throw themselves to the wind.

If the truth combats my views, I will adopt new views. That tenant alone is what separates me from extremists. If you do not truly accept it, then you are an extremist, even if your beliefs are "moderate".