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Old PC Games


In keeping with the theme of talking about games, I though I would reminisce on some good times that I had playing some old games back in the day. Unlike the GBA games, which are roughly chronological, this won't be in any particular order.

I hope you enjoy this article. Thank you.

Warcraft III

Possibly my favorite game... even if it's only because I have such fond memories of it. I began playing this game when I was very, very young. And I've been playing it for at least 13 years now. I still boot it up every once in a while. The campaigns and gameplay are absolutely timeless in my opinion.

As a side note, Warcraft II is also pretty good.

DUNE 2000

There's much better RTS games. This one is OLD. I love DUNE. My uncle loved it and he transferred that love to me at a young age. The first part of DUNE that I ever had was the movie. If I remember correctly, it's a 4-hour long film that only covers so much of the book. As the young kid I was, I shouldn't have been so absorbed into but I loved the movie. This game isn't that, though. When I played it, it was deeply confusing and boring. If you want an idea of what it was, think of it like Starcraft meets Command & Conquer with some of DUNE's flair. It's not bad, but it's certainly aged like milk.


Surge Rosh is pretty epic. Speaking of these RTS games, this one is great and I don't think I need to say that. The game has received more than enough attention recently when Blizzard made the game completely free in light of an HD remake. The HD remake of Starcraft is way better than the one of Warcraft III too.

Diablo II

Another banging Blizzard title. If only Blizzard still had this kind of development. Now they're more focused on censoring random, insignificant things (archive). Regardless, this game is awesome. If you want an easy first run, I reccomend the necromancer.


Finally, I would like to give a short shoutout to all the countless flash games that I played as a kid. Many of them were great, most of them were just alright. I'm sure there were some absolute garbage ones too. A lot of them were reflective of the culture of the internet at the time and ultimately affected me without even heavily partaking in it. Thank you.